SITRANS MDS Maintenance Diagnostic Station

SITRANS MDS Maintenance Diagnostic Station

Maintenance Diagnostic Station

SITRANS MDS for flexible and automated diagnostic processing:

  • Central display of diagnostic information from HART devices, which was only readable on site until now.
  • Adjustable updating period for each device
  • Does not affect the existing control system
  • Clear visualization of diagnostic status of all devices
  • Reports can be edited
  • Based on engineering data of SIMATIC PDM
  • Windows-based application

SITRANS MDS in cooperation with SIMATIC PDM increases significantly the transparency of a plant.

The main advantages of SIMATIC MDS are as follows:

  • Increase transparency of plant by reading diagnostic information from accessible devices and providing a well-organized representation of this information.
  • Representation of diagnostic status of a device as in SIMATIC PCS 7 or NAMUR NE 107 (switchable)
  • Ease of use through use of SIMATIC PDM project data
  • The update cycle for the diagnostic status can be uniformly set as the default value for all devices ...
  • ... as well as for each device individually.
Область применения

SITRANS MDS increases the transparency of a plant by centrally compiling diagnostic information, directly from the accessible field devices. In principle, all devices that are integrated in SIMATIC PDM can be included in the compilation process.

SITRANS MDS can be used where the installed automation system does not support an integrated acyclic communication of parameters and diagnostic information with the devices. In the case of HART devices, this applies to 85% of all installed devices.

The modern SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system allows for this type of continuous communication from the engineering system up to the devices. It also features a decidedly higher performance asset management system. The use of SIMATIC MDS therefore does not make sense in a SIMATIC PCS 7 environment and is hence not approved for that purpose.


SITRANS MDS uses SIMATIC PDM project data to read and
display diagnostic data from accessible devices.


SITRANS MDS is installed on a PC together with SIMATIC PDM. Only the stand-alone version is used in this case.


Configuration required for SITRANS MDS is adopted from SIMATIC PDM. Only the project name must be entered.

Very few other entries are required, such as the definition of update periods.

Технические данные

SITRANS MDS Maintenance Diagnostic Station

Operating system

Microsoft Windows XP professional

Additionally required software


SIMATIC PDM as of V 6.05 and options


  • SIMATIC PDM Basic (4 Tags)

6ES7 658-3AX06-0YA5

  • SIMATIC PDM service (128 Tags)

6ES7 658-3JX06-0YA5


6ES7 658-3EX06-0YB5


Additional options to increase number of measuring points

PC hardware

600 MHz
256 MB *)
XGA 1024 x 768
16 Bit color depth

*) main memory of at least 512 MB is recommended

Up-to-date information can be found in the description for SIMATIC PDM


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