Drive Control Chart (DCC)


Graphical configuring and expansion of the device functionality by means of available closed-loop control, arithmetic, and logic function blocks

Drive Control Chart (DCC) allows for drive-related automation and process tasks to be accomplished directly in the SINAMICS S120 drive system or Motion Control System SIMOTION. The ability to process directly in the drive supports the implementation of modular machine concepts and results in an increase of the complete machine performance. DCC has no restriction with regard to the number of usable functions; this is only limited by the performance capability of the target platform.

The user-friendly DCC editor enables easy graphical configuration and a clear representation of control loop structures as well as a high degree of reusability of existing diagrams.

The open-loop and closed-loop control functionality is defined by using multi-instance-enabled blocks (Drive Control Blocks (DCBs)) from a pre-defined library (DCB library) that are selected and graphically linked by dragging and dropping. Test and diagnostic functions allow verification of program behavior or the identification of causes in the event of faults.

The block library encompasses a large selection of technology, arithmetic and logic function blocks, as well as comprehensive open-loop and closed-loop control functions.

For combining, analyzing and acquiring binary signals, all commonly used logic functions are available for selection (AND, XOR, on/off delay, RS flipflop, counter, etc.). Diverse arithmetic functions such as absolute-value generation, dividers and minimum/maximum analysis are available for monitoring and evaluating numeric variables. In addition to the automatic speed control, axial winder functions, closed-loop PI controller, ramp function generator or wobble generator can be configured simply and without problems.

Almost unlimited programming of control structures is possible in conjunction with the Motion Control System SIMOTION. These can be combined with other program sections to form an overall program.

Drive Control Chart for SINAMICS S120 also provides a convenient basis for resolving drive-level open-loop and closed-loop control tasks directly in the converter. This results in further adaptability of SINAMICS for the application requirements. On-site processing in the drive supports modular machine concepts and results in increased overall machine performance.

Minimum hardware and software requirements

See the SCOUT or STARTER engineering software, since DCC is installed in association to these programs


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