The 60 mm busbar system is used preferably in control cabinet installation, in motor control centers and in power distribution systems of the medium power range (630 A) and top performance range (1600 A, special profile).

The 60 mm busbar system can be configured as a basic system without covers. The busbar cross-sections are available in the sizes 12 x 5 mm to 30 x 10 mm and as a special profile.

Busbar adapters for SIRIUS, 3VL circuit breakers, 3KA and 3KL switch disconnectors, and 3NP1 and 3NP5 fuse switch disconnectors offer numerous options for configuring this busbar system. Feeder units, terminals and other accessories open up a large range of application.

Busbars with a special profile are suitable for applications up to 1600 A. All components of the 60 mm busbar system can be fitted.


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